D.I.V.A. Transformations

Meet the Life Changing Diva: Sherry Thomas

I motivate clients to define their time as “right now” and take each step with a clear purpose.  Life takes you through stages, and where you are now is not where you will end. When I was homeless and sleeping on my friend’s couch, my mind couldn’t imagine the success I have now. But transforming starts with a strong foundation and understanding there is nothing ordinary about the life we are meant to live.

During those hard times of sleeping on a couch and even my own car, I learned patience. As a ministry and hospitality leader for 11 years, I learned service. Through a career of Sales and eventually Corporate Sales Training for several global corporations, I learned leadership, and as an entrepreneur and certified BOSS, I stand before you as the DIVA (Developing Irresistible Virtuous Attributes) of D.I.V.A. Transformations.

A life strategist for everything from entrepreneurs to executives looking to elevate to the next level.If you’re ready to boss up, I’m ready to commit to your success. As a Life Strategist I will be the most reliable partner in the business of You because no matter
what your goals may be, we can be certain that the
next level is always up.

That crown is yours. 

Work With Me

Public Speaker

Host in Atlanta, GA

I deliver an engaging, interactive, motivational, and entertaining keynote. I am a professional and respectful speaker that is flexible and offers thought provoking messages to the audience and/or client as I encourage them to their authentic selves. I take pride in helping people become the best, versions of themselves. I offer comedic, articulate, professional, fun, with a getter done attitude style of speaking.

ATD Master Trainer

Award-winning dedicated Learning and Development leader. Passionate about developing talent, maximizing learning capabilities, and improving confidence and retention among culturally diverse audiences. Training expertise includes consultative sales, product knowledge, technology, operations, best practices, soft skills, and client management. Commitment to career growth demonstrated through continued education and training certifications.

Life Coach

As a life coach, I encourage and coach clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Life coaching. Hire me as your coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals, and transitions.